Friday, 25 June 2010

Mega-Jinx vs. Killer Mr. Bitey

Apologies for my recent absence, on a whim I took much needed week off work and I am now trapped on my couch apparently unable to stop watching American Gladiators. I don't know why, but, seriously, it's becoming a problem, I may need help.

To make up for my recent uselessness here's a picture of me taking on Mr. Bitey in a titanic battle (during the ads in American Gladiators obviously).

Be back soon. x


  1. Damn, this is a giant Japanese monster movie waiting to happen. Would be great on a double-bill with the Sharks In Space feature. =)

  2. Wow! Amazing special effects.
    I haven't seen this one. Who wins?

  3. I'm just like Tiffany!!

    Oh, Joe, that's a brilliant idea. We'll be millionaires, I tell you!

    At risk of ruining the surprise ending: initially it appears that I win by cunningly defeating Mr. Bitey with the devilish move of placing him on a higher shelf. However, in an unexpected twist, while I am distracted by the cute deaf guy dislocating his shoulder and still winning the eliminator on American Gladiators, Mr. Bitey launches a surprise attack from behind and takes me down, as blood splatters Hulk Hogan on the TV screen my final words are ‘I regret nothing but buying this damn fish!’ Left nicely open for a sequel.

    Wonder if I can get Sonia to play me…….

  4. Sorry: Sonia's salary demands are too steep for the budget. It'll have to be Gina G.

  5. Suspected as much. Liverpudlian popstrels are highly sought after. Gina G it is then, I'm sure we can work her Australian accent into the script without too many plot holes.



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