Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Women in Horror Month: There is Nothing Like a Dame

Oh, yes, Women in Horror Month is in full swing, and I remain as excited as a small child high on sugar the night before Christmas. I’ve been loving wandering around the internet this week as reading all the marvellous posts celebrating a whole host of horror’s greatest gals. For my part, today, I would like to take a pictorial amble through a gallery of some of those fabulous ladies who make our hearts beat a little bit faster, for a multitude of reasons.  

For Doctor Cyclops

For The Mike, and me.

For Matthew

Thank you, ladies!
That was just a small selection of the ladies who have my heart, the ones who came to mind in five minutes as, if I'd given myself any longer, we'd have been here all day, it would have been ridiculous. Please though, if you have any other amazing women to add do drop them in the comments box, or, even better, celebrate them on your blog and add the link. 
I really can't stop staring at Ingrid Pitt now.



  1. Ahhhh, I love the very CONCEPT of a "Women in Horror" month. So many beautiful ladies who have screamed along with me...and not in a naughty way! I love them all!!!

  2. Dang that was a great gallery!

    Though I do not know what to make of Asia Argento's vagina angel.

  3. Ah, Jennifer!
    (And ah, Fay... and ah, Drew... and... and...)

  4. Hey, Gill-Man, it is a wonderful concept, isn't it? I love it. Glad you love the beautiful ladies. So many of these wonderful women have had such an impact on my life, and so many others, they must be celebrated.

    Oh, Jack, thanks so much.

    Bryce, that nearly made me wet myself laughing. But, heck, now I think about it, who doesn't want a vagina angel?

    Had to put the lovely JLH in there for you, Matthew.

  5. Best gift ever, even if I do have to share. :)

  6. Fantastic gallery of some beautiful ladies....
    I'm glad to see Asia Argento there.



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