Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Whatever Happened To Baby Jinx?

I'm here, I'm here!!!

Bloody hell it’s been a while. First off my most massive and hearty apologies for disappearing for months on end without so much as a by-your-leave, I’m a shocking disgrace and I shouldn’t be tolerated. Secondly, some excuses: it’s been a bit of tough time in The House of Jinx. I was made redundant at the end of September - given as I did very little at work for a good year this wasn’t much of a surprise, also, those of you who have read previous posts will know I despised my job with a fiery passion will also know this wasn’t a great loss. However, financially the lack of income (such as it was) is a bit devastating, point being we’ve all been a bit miserable around here for a while hence my recent absence. But, fear not, we have been handling it in the typically grown-up fashion you would expect of me. The way my husband and I see it is that we’re like a long running TV show, we’ve been around for a lot seasons now and the producers have decided to throw in a bit of conflict to liven things up. We reckon things should work themselves quite nicely and we’ll be back to wacky scrapes and one liners by the season finale.
My other not very good excuse for not being around is that apparently my coping mechanism for dealing with redundancy was to watch nothing but plane based action films for a very long time, an odd coping mechanism I’ll grant you, but apparently that was what was called and I did become weirdly obsessed for a while. Some of the highlights included; all of the Airport films (awesome!), Executive Decision (hilarious), Con Air and Air Force One (obviously), Snakes On A Plane (snakes on a plane?! Don’t really need to add anything there) and something that reunited the cast of Family Ties much to my delight (Ma Keaton and Mallory’s boyfriend Nick in the same film, playing a brother and sister team that happen to be both the President and a pilot! Excited? I nearly died.)

In addition to this I also become briefly obsessed with the sub genre of ‘train based action starring Denzel Washington’ (this wasn’t as fruitful an undertaking sadly).

Anyway, enough of this nonsense, what I mean by all this is that I’m alive and well and as soon as things settle down here I will be back to more regular blogging and catching up with all of yours. Before I bugger off for the traditional Christmas screening of Die Hard, I would really like to say a massive thank you for the lovely emails I’ve received while I’ve been away. I can’t even begin to express what it has meant to know that people from all over the world have been concerned about me. I have great friends and I’m very lucky and grateful. Massive kisses and love go to my girl Jenn who is just so fantastically awesome there aren’t even words and to my wonderful Matthew who is not only a genius but also the most kind and thoughtful man (my presents were the best ever, Matthew, they cheered me up SO much.)
Before I definitely go, I promise the next post will definitely be a proper post about something horror related that isn’t me. I swear.

Me looking like a bag lady, but loving Mattew's presents


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