Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Son of the Creature from the Black Lagoon?


While a colleague of mine was out poking walls in Bridlington, one wall barked back at him. Upon peering into the hole in the wall to investigate this peculiar matter further he was rather surprised to find an eye peering back at him. The above is a photo he took of the strange beastie lurking in the small hole in a seafront wall in Bridlington. Nice that he immediately thought of me as someone who would love this madness.


  1. What the hell is it???
    In BRIDLINGTON??? ???
    Are there more of these? Do they grow bigger? How big is that one, actually? Should we be worried?

  2. Seriously, Bridlington, in god damn Bridlington!!!
    Apparently, it was about the size of a finger at the time, but that was a good few weeks ago. By now it's probably at least the size of a small dog and preparing to feast on the fair maids of Yorkshire.
    I'm scared.



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