Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Why I Need to Get Out More

Things That Have Kept Me Off the Streets the Last Few Weeks:

Frayed – Only watched this because the psycho killer had the same name as my brother and that amused me.

Feast Trilogy - Flesh eating beasts, Henry Rollins, Mexican midget wrestlers, tattooed biker chicks and boobies. What could possibly be wrong with these movies?

Abbot and Costello Meet Frankenstein – Still funny.

Abbott and Costello: Hold that Ghost – As above

Who Done it? – Ditto.

Abbot and Costello Meet the Mummy – And one more time for luck.

Laid to Rest – Sometimes people who are stalked by a raging, chrome-faced mental case deserve all they get.

April Fool’s Day (1986) – I have the biggest soft for this movie.

Session 9 – Creepy.

The Mist – You just knew how this was going to end! Damn it, Stephen King!

Friday the Thirteenth 3-D – Sometimes Channel 4 just pisses me off. Despite them for some reason insisting in their trailers that this was 70s film, it wasn’t, and neither was Jaws 3-D, Channel 4, while we’re airing our grievances, I still watched this. Sadly, I think everyone concerned was just a bit carried away with the whole 3-D idea to bother with making a proper film. Shame. Some nice kills though. If only 3-D hadn’t been so brazen with its wiles and short skirts leading everyone astray maybe people might have gotten some ruddy work done.

Monster Squad – Turns out there are good reasons this isn’t played for kids on Saturday afternoons anymore.

Monsters vs. Aliens – Awesome.

The Comedy of Terrors – Price, Lorre, Rathbone, Karloff -the horror equivalent of a supergroup, like The Travelling Willburys, but scarier.

Venom – You are very, very silly.

Ghost Ship – This was a rubbish film, but I’m fairly sure I quite enjoyed it, though for the life of me I can’t think of damn thing that happened in it.

Drag Me to Hell – Clearly, I am the last person in the world to see this, but I'm glad I did. Good to see some old fashioned gore and supernatural silliness back on the block.

The Quatermass Xperiment – In my book Hammer rules so I loved this.

City of the Dead - Or Horror Hotel to our American friends. I remember this from being a little one, and obsessed over finding it for ages as couldn’t remember the name. Turns out it was fairly easy to find and worth the wait.

The Thin Man - Oh, boy, Myrna Loy, how I love you. And you're not so bad yourself, Mr. Powell. Never get tired of watching these films.

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