Monday, 26 April 2010

Yorkshire: Supernatural Capital of Britain?

Somewhat surprisingly, it transpires that Yorkshire is a red hot hub supernatural activity, according to The Telegraph:

"The report indentifies Yorkshire as the centre of ghostly goings-on demonic activity with 74 reports of demons, including Uncabus and Succubus (male and female demons that make sexual attacks on sleeping victims), instances of demonic possession and sightings of hell hounds, water demons and demons with repulsive forms such as ghouls and werewolves."

(My very own Yorkshirian oddity.)

Another score for the North East of England, I think. The only other league tables we top tend to be teen pregnancies statistics, so good work on this, Yorkshire.


  1. Also spotted in Yorkshire: three old men in cloth caps sliding down the road in a bath. No natural explanation.

  2. Matthew! I was getting worried about you, you've been quiet of late.

    I think they were also being chased by one old lady described as having hair made of no natural substance known to God and legs akin to that of a pachyderm, she may or may not have had a rolling pin in place of an arm.



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