Monday, 16 August 2010

Daddy Dearest: A Meme in Pictures

Gorgeous Howlin’ Joe Monster from the incomparable blog From Beyond Depraved has tagged me to take part in a splendid little Me Me. I love these things and this one is particularly exciting because it’s all about the pictures.

From Joe’s information, and he’s sure to be correct, this smashing project originated on the blog Checking On My Sausages and it requests the tagged participant to come up with screen grabs from films that all share a common theme. Awesome.

It took me quite a while to come up a theme, not least because every time I thought of one I found someone else had beaten me to it. Eventually I decided to go with ‘images of fathers in horror’. I didn’t have a dad. Well, obviously I did biologically; I’m not suggesting I’m the Immaculate Conception or the second coming or anything, but I didn’t have an actual present father in my life and as a result the idea of them intrigues and fascinates me and probably also explains my obsession with Ron Perlman and other gentleman of a certain age. Err...right....before I turn into a Freudian wet dream or start using this post as some kind of therapy here is a selection of the good, the bad, the misguided and the just plain scary dads of horror.

So those were the dads and hurrah for them! Most of them. Well, some of them. If you're a dad, hurrah for you! And if you've got a dad go find him or give him a call and give him a rousing hurrah too. And Ron Perlman, if you happen to be reading this, would you like to adopt me? I can provide a detailed list of the reasons why this would be a great idea. I'm also house trained, make a wicked cup of tea and come in a variety of colours to match your decor.
Now I have to pass it on. I would very much like to see what Jack over at Lavender Lair of Horror makes of this. I bet it's something great.


  1. Great selection, I'm loving this meme! The dad in Frailty I've always found super-scary - something about how calm and collected he is while offing someone with an axe. (Sorry, Bill... "slaying a demon"!)

  2. Very good choice of theme and 'daddies'.

    Creepy, especially the man from LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT. He really looks like he's lost it.

  3. That was great! All those great scenes of Dads in horror and then I scroll down and BAM, Gomez Addams! Freakin' brilliant!
    Dreaded Dreams
    Petunia Scareum

  4. Of all those, I think Sheriff Brody was the best dad. Too bad he cursed his family with a legacy of shark attacks.

  5. At least two pictures here of Tom Atkins. Am I right?

  6. Thanks, Oriel! You're absolutely right, Billy boy is terrifying when he's 'slaying demons'.

    Stephen, thatnks so much, this was such marvellous fun. I loved it.

    Petunia, thank you, you wonderful little zombie, you. Isn't Gomez just the best?!

    HB, with you there, Brody was a lovely dad. As a non-dad owner that mimicking scene always makes me a bit teary. Who'd have thought you could get vengeful sharks?

    As always, Matthew, you are completely right. One's from Creepshow and the other from Halloween III. I like Tom so thought he deserved a double feature.

  7. Love the post - I, too, have a fascination with Ron Perlman - I think it might have something to do with his massive noggin - I imagine there must be all kinds of secrets of the universe stored in there. I also make no secret that I have the MAJOR hots for Hellboy.
    Tom Atkins is ALL kinds of Awesome! I met him at a horror convention last year - he's a real gentleman.

  8. Mother Firefly, I knew that you were the coolest and this just further emphasises my point. Ronnie P is just awesome and now you mention it I bet the secrets of the universe do dwell in that mighty head.
    Oh, and you've met Tom Atkins! That is just the best. And he really is as great as I imagined. Yay! That's made my day.

  9. My pleasure, I really enjoy this kind of thing.

  10. Thanks for tagging me, Jinx. I'll start wracking my brain (and plumbing my files) for Daddy images. Um...shirtless pictures of Sam Elliott really wouldn't fit in this thing would they?

  11. I also got a hug and a kiss (on the cheek) from Mr Atkins as well. He was my motivation to go to the show and he was so worth it.
    I'm crossing my fingers for Ron P to play Elvis in Bubba Nosferatu....he said about a year ago that he was on board but I haven't heard any updates in a while....

  12. You're super welcome, Jack. I don't see any reason why you can't pick Sam Elliott shirtless as your theme. In fact, I think that would be a great theme. Or just 'the shirtless cuties of horror' in general would be a good theme. Can't wait to see whatever you come up with.

    Oh, Mother Firefly, that is just the best thing ever. Hug and a kiss, wow! I'm just brimming with vicarious joy now. So cool.
    My stars, if Bubba Nosferatu comes off and Ronnie P plays Elvis I think I may just explode with excitement. Yup, actually explode. I can't even imagine how awesome it would be.



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