Friday, 10 September 2010

Everything's Better With BeBe

No more Carpathian kitten loss for Viggy


  1. Actually, Viggy seems a bit more intimidating with the cat standing next to him....
    It's like his beast from hell or something.

  2. I knew that cat was a nefarious ball of fur. Its adorableness didn't fool me for a minute...

    Okay, maybe for a few seconds...

    But you better tell that puss that if she keeps up this renegade of evil that I'll be forced to post slanderous propaganda about her up on that other blog I keep horrible track of!

  3. Aw, BeBe's not evil, she's fighting evil with her kitteny cuteness.
    Mind you her hypnotic ability to make you fall asleep cuddling her rather than get anything constructive done could be quite evil.



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