Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Wascally Wabbits

I have been very kindly awarded the fantastic Zombie Rabbit Award by the delightful Jenny B from Memoirs of Scream Queen. I have only just discovered Jenny’s wonderfully quirky blog and I’m very glad I did. The gorgeous Ms. B. offers her own unique perspective on all things horror from reviews to fashion, and there’s music too. What more could you want? Check her out.

Now, I believe what I need to do on accepting this cute and fuzzy and rabid accolade is to pass it on to ten other fabulous blogs (do correct me if I’m wrong here, Jenny, I hope I’m not).
So without further ado, I infect:

Carfax Abbey
Post-Mortem Depression
From Beyond Depraved
Lavender Lair of Horror
(Please indulge me with this little show of favouritism, the above guys were really my first horror blogs and pals and I adore them. Aside from that they are awesome writers and contributors to the horror community and deserve all the awards. Go give them smooches).

Porkhead’s Horror Review Hole (Joel is an awesome guy and his blog is so smart and so killer funny I am in awe of it. Also, just to prove even further how much Joel rocks, in October he will be running a mini-marathon. Please do stop by and sponsor him and show your support for this fantastic endeavour for a fantastic cause).

From Midnight, With Love (Everything Mike does is beyond awesome. He’s a supercool horror avenger and I adore him. Everyone wants to be like Mike).

Mother Firefly’s Faster Pussycats! (Mother Firefly is, quite simply, an über cool lady and her blog is a delicious den of horrifying goodness. Love her.)

Fear of Fiction (I’m loving Oriel and her blog so much. The most recent example of her powers of awesomeness is a post about being stalked by plastic carrier bag that made me spurt tea out of my nose. Oriel completely rules!)

Never Sleeps Again (Another newish blog to me that I feel deserves some recognition. Cynniegurl is a delight, she posts reviews peppered with adorable personal stories and observations and I find her totally irresistible.)

The Celluloid Highway (Shaun is a super smart blogger and every post he shares is a wealth of information and insight. Paying him a visit is an enriching experience, he’s remarkable.)

Dr. Blood's Video Vault (Sorry, I had to include the Doc. The Doc is not only way, way cool, he also has a remarkable talent for steering me in the direction of films I would never have known existed otherwise. Plain and simply: The Doc rules! Pop over and pay him a visit - The Doctor is in and he's good for what ails you.

So there you are, consider yourselves infected (in the nicest possible way). Thanks once again to Jenny B and apologies to all the people who now have to reduce their favourite blogs down to just ten (especially the first four gents who probably hate me right now, sorry guys).


  1. Many thanks for the award and the kind is most appreciated :-)

  2. Shaun, you are so very welcome.

  3. I'm grateful for your support, Jinx. Besides, I wuv wabbits -- "Night Of The Lepus" is my favorite bad movie!

  4. Super CONGRATS Jinx!!! Your blog is such a deserving recipient! Excellent.

  5. First, Congrats- You deserve it!

    And secondly, THANK YOU. You make us down here at the Firefly Ranch blush. Zombie Rabbits Rock!

    Love you, love your blog, keep up with the awesome posts, Sister!

  6. Thanks again for yet another fantastic award - I shall have to have a special Jinx shelf in my trophy cabinet. I already had a zombie chicken but a zombie rabbit is a fantastic addition to the menagerie.
    Thanks so much!

  7. Thank you once more and so much. Apologies for not being around on the blogosphere much lately. Braggart time - I'm hiding in London at the moment, temping at the 'Total Film' office. Squee. Expect a proper thank-you via blog post soon.

  8. I love all you guys and I will happily be your cheering section anytime. I warn you though I will probably wear a full cheerleader outfit (eepp) and my human pryamid will be decidedly short and blunt, but I'll be merrily chanting all your names, probably in the form of bad rhyme, all over cyberspace.

  9. thanks so much for my award! nice to hear good things from such a fun blogger:)

  10. Hey girl hey! Thanks for the wonderful mention. Sorry I didn't get to you sooner... I've been busy at my second job as a motivational speaker talking to 2nd grade classes about the dangers of cocaine and gambling. I shall sing my praises over at FBD soon enough!

    P.S. That kitty of yours is so adorable I want to put it between two buns and order a side of fries.

  11. 'Grats. When do you take over the world?



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