Thursday, 7 October 2010

Pills, Thrills and Interviews

I've been super sick this week and so my abject apologies for not being around to appreciate all the great posts that you've all been sharing. I promise to catch up with all I've missed next week so expect a series of belated comments from me in the near future.

In better news on the Jinx front, whilst I was in the midst of my disease induced delirium I discovered that the gorgeous Joe Monster had posted an interview we did a little while ago which was super cool and cheered me up no end. I had the pleasure of having a Demented Dialogue with Joe in which he asked me some seriously awesome and hilarious questions and I tried my very best to do them justice with my responses. If you would like to read Joe's genius questions and my silly ramblings in response to them please find them here. Be warned that you may learn more about me than anyone really needs to know. Don't hold that against Joe though, he's the best and the cutest, coolest prince of all things creepy and you should read From Beyond Depraved avidly and tell him how awesome he is.

I'm off for a Lemsip (with whiskey, purely for medicinal purposes) now, but I promise to be back very soon (no, that isn't a threat).


  1. Get better soon....
    And insightful interview! You brought up some pretty cool memories there.

  2. Loved your interview - nice one! And also, I kinda wrote a post in your honour. Sort of:

  3. Oh, Andrew, thank you so much.

    Joel, you're the best, loved the post. Thank you, and well done for being such a suprhero.

  4. OH
    There I am, happily reading your interview, eating a cheese and pickle sarnie, discovering all sorts of things I never knew about you before (guess what I've just been working my way through at the rate of one episode a day? only my great love of the late seventies Tales of the Unexpected, that's all!) when suddenly the cheese and pickle sarnie goes flying through the room as I stumble - with the suddenness and unexpectedness of falling into a hidden mine shaft - upon two whole paragraphs of the most extravagant, heartwarming praise I have ever received in my life!
    Expect some serious reciprocation later this week, before the Abbey signs off to get married...
    By the way - didn't I send you an episode of Worzel Gummidge along with the Rentaghost? I had no idea you had been traumatised by him as a child! (Had I done so I would have sent two episodes...)

  5. GREAT interview! Very insightful and well thought out.
    I hope you're feeling better soon!



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