Monday, 13 December 2010

Homegrown Horror: Dead Frequency

I’m from Newcastle. For those of you that don’t know, Newcastle, or ‘The Toon’, is a city in the North East of England predominantly famous for:

I’m sorry about most of those things.

I’m very fond of Newcastle. After much travelling I made a conscious decision to return here because I missed it, and while, in the current season of bone aching cold* and bitter winds and relentless rain, I quite often wonder what the hell I was thinking I do still love it and just the sight of Tyne Bridge on my way home every night makes me warm inside, even when I can’t actually feel my extremities anymore because its so bloody horrifically cold. (*Note on cold for any non –Newcastle residents or other aliens: People from Newcastle do not feel the cold, they are just that damn hard. In Newcastle, irrespective of the temperature outside, it is forbidden to wear a coat/jacket/any manner of protection against the elements. One must only wear a t shirt if male or a very small piece of fabric that could be described as a ‘dress’ if female. It’s just how things are. I’ve been wearing furs (faux, of course) since August. I’m an anomaly in my city).

So then, as an established resident of the city of Newcastle-upon-Tyne and lover of all its foibles and wonders (I sadly fear I can not call myself a Geordie due to the majority of my life having been spent away from the fair city and the shocking lack of the fantastic Geordie accent) I was very excited to learn of a new Newcastle based horror film, Dead Frequency. Dead Frequency is a thoroughly modern, gritty tale of vampiric love set against the backdrop of Newcastle-upon-Tyne and I can’t believe it took me so long to find out about it.

From the Dead Frequency website:

'Sam Stewart (Mason) has to battle with depression and Alcohol addiction, while holding down his job as a night-time radio presenter.
He also strives to maintain a relationship with Emily (Marshall) as he struggles to conceal his true feelings.

A mysterious new manager Diane (Ormston) arrives and the group question whether she is who she says she is and who she is really working for.

However Diane has questions of her own and reveals a dark and deadly secret. Her intervention causes stress to the group that takes them to breaking point, resulting in a dramatic conclusion…'

Bloody marvellous!

The trailer can be found here.

Curiously Newcastle appears to have a mysterious association with vampires. Perched atop an office block in our fair city sits this little fella:

The vampire rabbit leers ghoulishly at passersby from the doorway of a cathedral building, no one knows why.


  1. Don't forget Tod Slaughter - your fair hometown's other great bequest to the genre.

    Who's the blonde chap above Spender?

    I love the vampire rabbit, and may have to steal that photo...

  2. Oh, I didn't forget Tod, it's just I'm in the midst of writing a piece about him for Joe's blogathon so wouldn't have been able to show him without going on about it and ruining it. Well, I say ruin....

    The blonde is the guy who plays the lead in Sons of Anarchy (opposite my beloved Ron). He was also in Byker Grove, which is more funny than it really ought to be. Done well for himself though.

    I know, isn't he great? I was overjoyed when I found out about him. Very odd piece of local history. My husband and I like to go and stare at him.

  3. Wow! I didn't know Charlie Hunnam was British. I'm almost as shocked as I was when I found out James Marsters was American!

    I'm supposed to be writing about Tod Slaughter too -- I'd better get on it, huh?

  4. Enjoyed reading it, have a little more to mull when I order my next pint ;-)

  5. Hey, John Constantine had an arc in New Castle and was modeled off of Sting. And the oblivion to cold sounds like our New England. Damn, now I want to go just for the vampire rabbits.

  6. Do you find that if you stare at him for too long, he starts telling you to do things in a voice that only you can hear?

  7. Lordy, Matthew, I've literally just finished writing my TS piece and that's spookily not far away from summing it up. Can you read my mind? I'm scared now.

  8. Ah but I love Newcastle brown ale!



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