Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Two Kittens Creeping

While I brew up a proper post I thought I'd post some Christmas kitten pictures, because everyone loves kittens, right?

Opie and BeBe destroying the Christmas tree

Opie and BeBe pretending they're not destroying the Christmas tree

Lounging and clearly plotting more mischief
Needless to say the Christmas tree spent most of the season on the floor and we're still finding baubles under the furniture. Presents were also something of a lucky dip as they ate all the labels. I was thrilled to receive my Lynx gift set and limited edition Dinobot. I now smell like an adolescent boy and can turn a plane into a pterodactyl in less than 11 seconds, thanks kittens.


  1. Cats and Christmas's an eternal struggle, isn't it? Cats of the world are almost universally driven to destroy holiday trees...and somehow they manage to seem cute and annoying as hell all at once!

  2. All I can say is --- Awwwwwwwww!If I were to meet these kitties I would degenerate into idiotic babytalk immediately! They're adorable.

  3. Aww, what mega-cute cats! Thanks for the rather sweet comment of concern of my blogging whereabouts - I have been a bit AWOL from being quite busy and extremely slack. Hope your foot feels better soon, it sounds like a right nightmare, but on the plus side you are probably entitled to the good seats on the bus usually hogged by old ladies and their tartan wheelie-bags...

  4. Hi, Gill-Man, so fantastic to have you around here. You're so right. It is one of the universal constants that we can always rely on. Damn them for being so cute though, you just can't be angry.

    Jack, you can talk babytalk to my kitties any time.

    Oriel! SO glad you're back!!! Rest assured that I have been using my foot to cast aside the elderly, small children and the pregnant as much as possible. Got to be some perks. Get some more posts up soon.

  5. Fur babies! All white ones! I love them!

  6. AW!!!!! Are those your kids? They're so adorable!!!



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