Monday, 9 May 2011

Special Announcements or Confessions of a Maladroit Redhead

You have may have noticed that I haven’t been around the ole internet as often as usual, certainly not as often as I would like. I haven’t been posting as much and have been neglecting on your delicious blogs terribly, particularly when comes to making comments, for which there is no excuse. I’m appalled at myself, I really am. Partly this is because of my own stupidity. In an embarrassingly tragic turn of events I recently managed to spill vinegar onto my, already a bit rubbish, laptop. That’s right, vinegar. It made an alarming fizzing noise, and while it still kind of works it’s a bit crap. Frankly it was already a bit crap due to minor dropping incident last year, there must be a loose connection somewhere and it’s really difficult to keep the screen from flickering horrendously without contorting yourself into ridiculous positions and loosing sensation in your fingers from bracing the screen, the vinegar has clearly only exacerbated this problem. I shouldn’t be allowed technology.

In other better news, I am now also writing for The Awesome Cryptozoology Club. I just did a post about my beloved Megalodons and intend to get up to some other cool beastie related stuff in the near future (The Lambton Worm may even make it over). As starting new things is a bit scary, I would dearly love it if some of you would add us to your blog lists, it would be great and reassuring to see some familiar faces over there.

Foot Watch 2011

You will doubtless all know by now, because I keep boring you at length about it, about my creepy right foot and its stupid tumours. Latest news is that it still sucks, however, we have now named the tumours, because I’ve heard if you name evil it takes away its power. Zak and Skylar, as they are now known, are currently throbbing away malevolently in my stationary foot, plotting and laughing at me. I fear that they are making me do things while I’m asleep. However, and keep your voices down here because I don’t want them to get wind of it and mount a counter attack, I am currently waiting for an appointment for the first in course of cortisone injections that is apparently going to shrink them. Ssshhh. It’s taking ages to book because they need to be sonogram guided right into Zak and Skylar, can’t say I’m in a great rush as it’s going to be horrifically painful and quite frankly rubbish. Of course all of this could be avoided if I’d just man up and go and have the damned op to cut them out, but no, apparently I would rather go and sit there and take the repeated agonising pain of great big needles in the foot, like a massive idiot. Unless I’m not a massive idiot and they are fiendishly making me too scared to have the op so they don’t get cut out and lose dominion…no, probably not, I’m just a massive idiot.

In other news, while I have been lounging around resting Zak and Skylar, I have watched a crap load of films. For reasons best known to my worrying subconscious, I’ve been more than a little obsessed with 70s Satanists of late and that has taken up a lot of my time. For aiding and abetting me in this endeavour I need to thank the glorious Matthew from Carfax Abbey and WoV from The Wizard of Vestron for their wonderful movie suggestions. You guys are awesome.

On a related note, can anyone explain to me why I can’t for love or money get a copy of Crowhaven Farm anywhere? It’s ridiculous. I’m becoming more and more obsessed with it by second and it continues to allude me to a spectacular degree.

Not related at all, but it amused me, I watched a film with Ron Perlman in it (not very surprising, I know) in which it eventually transpired he was the killer, a killer who through the course of the movie not only brutally killed a load of people but also systematically tormented and manipulated an already mentally unstable teenage boy into thinking he did it. Why, would Ron do such a thing, you may ask, well, apparently for no other reason than I could ultimately discern than he was mad at Sweden. Yup, mad at Sweden. I love you, Ronnie P!

I would also like to give a big thank you to the ever wonderful Doctor Cyclops from Doctor Cyclops Horror for honouring me with the Versatile Blogger award. I can’t tell you how amazingly flattering it is and how much it buoys my spirit to be singled out like this. I think I’ve already covered the seven things about myself, and more than anyone would ever want to know, in this post so I will not bore you with more. With regard to passing it on to you amazing folks, this is where I struggle. I know many of you already have this lovely award, and, more significantly, you are all so magnificent and make my day everyday in so many different ways with each of your posts I couldn’t possibly pick so few, so I feel that I can only say to you all, if you don’t have this award, please, please accept it with love and respect from me now. I think you are all amazing, and Zak and Skylar think so too, it’s one of the few things we agree on.

Lastly, kitten update: Bebe Gunns and Opie Golightly remain impossibly gorgeous, but are consistently full of mischief and have developed a strange new interest in free running up and down our walls and doors for hours on end. Not climbing walls, actually wall of death style laps of the house. Cats are weird. Here’s a gratuitous picture of them being adorable and quiet for once.



  1. Okay... well, I left a comment on The Awesome Cryptozoology Club but I can't add it by URL to my blogroll for some reason and you hid the Blogger bar so I can't add it that way either.

    Take your laptop completely apart, wash it with distilled water, let it dry and put it all back together. The screen problem is because of a loose connection which you will see when you take it apart.

    Sorry about your foot but nice hair. :) Ooh, cats...

  2. I forgot to mention... look up "TVTERRORLAND" on YouTube if you want to watch "Crowhaven Farm". It's all on there. I have a copy of it on VHS which I recorded off TVS years ago but it's back in England so I can't send it to you.

    I just worked out the reason why I can't add your other blog, I've reached the limit on Blogger. Ah, well, it's bookmarked instead.

  3. Great to see you back around, kittens are all kinds of cuteness!

  4. Doc, I don't know where to start with all the awesomeness you've supplied me with there. Thank you soooo much. You are wonderful. Definitely scheduling some time for Crowhaven Farm soon.

    Thanks, Daniel! They are super cute aren't they? I know all kittens are cute, but think my two are especially cute.

  5. Love your hair and your kitties (so adorable)!

  6. Hooray for Jinx! Keep on rockin' with the Perl!

  7. Sorry to hear about your troubles of late. But look at those gorgeous kittens! I know I've told you this before, but they are absolutely perfect! How do you tell them apart?

    New hair color looks fantastic!

  8. Rockin' the blue nail polish. I like it.

  9. Hey there, Tabitha. Thank you so much. I love my kitties, they are just too cute. Honestly, sometimes I just can't get anything done for staring at them.

    Mike. m'dear! I surely will. I'm still giggling over your Thor post by the way. It was great.

    Oh, Jenn, thanks. I'm fine really, just a big drama queen. I swell with pride like a proud parent everyone time someone says how gorgeous our little girls are. They are little twins and their mannerisms and movements are all but identical too. From a distance or in the dark it often takes a minute to tell who is who is. But close up it's easy, BeBe is ever so slightly smaller and has the cutest little black stipe on her head, or her punk rock mowhawk as we like to call it, she's on the right in the pic. And Opie is on the left, she's a wee bit fluffier than Beebs and has gorgeous, almost indiscernible, flecks of black on her little head. They do play on the twin thing though, when they've been up to no good they always zip off together at speed or start kitten wrestling so you can't tell which is which. Our house is often like a cartoon.

    Hey, Joel. Hell yeah, blue! If you look closely you can also see a kitten claw puncture just under my second toe where BeBe secured my foot so she could give it a good biting.



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