Saturday, 8 February 2014

Women In Horror Month: The From Beyond the Grave Edition

I'm still here, lurking. I'm watching you. I might be behind you right now......or under your bed...........or probably more likely I'm on the couch drinking tea, covered in cats thinking about how awesome horror is and how awesome women are and how awesome those things together are. But that still could be your couch. What time are you coming home anyway? I'm hungry bring pizza.


  1. Yay! Hey Everybody, Jinx is back! Pizza's on its way.

  2. Really your blog looks exact horror. I can feel terror when looking some posts. Thanks for sharing.


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  4. Eihi Shiina in Audition and Sharni Vinson in You're Next were some badass girls. Really memorable performances. That scene in Audition with the needles and Eihi repeating "giri, giri, giri" creepy...



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