Monday, 12 October 2009

Scenes I'd Like To See

1. Stripped to the waist octogenarian take down a plate throwing dwarf with one of his own plates. Thank you ‘Skinned Deep’! You cost me £1 and you gave me so much!

2. Shark take down a plane mid flight. You rock, ‘Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus’!

3. Room full of hookers explode due to the ingestion of ‘super crack’. What can I say, 'Frankenhooker'? Your minxy little title sold me and you were all I dreamed.

4. Shark have sex with octopus. Actually didn’t even know I wanted to see this until watching the movie that fulfilled number 3 on this list. For the briefest of seconds I actually thought that mega shark and giant octopus were going to do it, but they didn’t, and now it’s like an obsession I need to see a shark and octopus get it on.  I think I have problems.

5. Ed Gein the Musical.


  1. You will soon be able to cross number 5 off as well... We are a production company about to release "Ed Gein: The Musical". Check us out at and become a fan on Facebook

  2. Oh, my God!! That's so awesome!!!



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